Snapchat : Not just for socialize anymore

As we know that, nowadays almost every single smartphone user are having snapchat in their phone to socialize and get in touch with friend and people.  Snapchat’s user has been growing and spreading like wildfire over the last 5 years.  However, Snapchat is not only just for socializing with people.  A lot of marketer are using snapchat to promote their product or services.

There are many ways they do to promote through snapchat such as offering coupon code or discount, launching the new product or services and impact from role model in marketing.  Firstly, brands have had success using coupon code and discount codes on Snapchat because of the wide network among brand and users.  For example, Pancake Parlour advertises all foods are $25 off through snapchat story, so anybody who want to get discount should have to screenshot the story and show it on the spot when we are in Pancake Parlour restaurant.


Secondly, it can also use to launching new product and services. For example, the makeup company Sephora used Snapchat to give its followers in their snapchat a glance of its product line before it was released on the day.  In this case, it will give news and information for follower about the product.  Another example, advertisers use snapchat to promote a new film in snapchat so followers can get a glimpse about short trailer video and synopsis, personally i always follow the recent update about movie on Snapchat. For example the last movie I saw was Get Out. After seeing the promotion from Snapchat, i was interested to watch this movie and it is a good film anyway.


Last but not least, By leveraging the role model as influencer such as celebrity, you can capture a much larger follower because your product and services will be viewed by both your followers and the followers of that influencer.  I think this is the most effective way out there in snapchat.  For example, the launching product of Yeezy as the partnering up between Adidas and Kanye West in the snapchat news.  As the result, the product has been sold out everywhere, the reseller price goes up and it becomes hype now.

In conclusion, Snapchat becomes a platform that is always used by people and the development of marketing and excellent engagement makes this a very prospect and significant for future marketing developments.




  1. This is so true! I experienced the same situation as yours. Recently I just watch Netflix tv series ’13 reasons why’ and I know this series from their promotion at Snapchat. Utilize social media to promote is one of the greatest idea. Beside it benefit both snapchat and the advertisement itself. Just make sure the advertisement is catching customers eyes in the first place so they won’t skip it.


    1. I think almost all snapchat usere will get the same story as what we experienced. I think that the ads in snapchat is very strong nowadays and give user idea about new movie to watch or new stuff to buy
      Thanks for idea Ariel !!


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